Console Emulators on Android


recently i have been playing with emulators on android devices. there are quite a few covering most of the older consoles and computers like mega drive, playstation, n64, zx spectrum, amega ect, some work better than others. im stuck what games to try.

so far my fav has to be the playstation and gran turismo cos i like car games. the emulator even has a filter to help smooth out those pixels :slight_smile:
some games are quite unplayable on a touch screen but some work well.

which games did you play, or what games would you love to play again?
have you tried any emulators on android?

N64 works pretty great, I’ve got an Amazon Fire TV and you can just plug in an Xbox 360 controller and it works great.

My personal favorite systems to emulate on android are Zx spectrum, NES, C64, Apple2, Pentagon and Scorpion, MS-Dos… And my personal favorite emulator is Scummvm! Also I emulate most of these perfectly on my Raspberry Pi. I wonder if N64 will work correctly on 2?