Console commands VS Commandlets

Hi, I am trying to find the best way to solve my problem:

I would like to automate a process that now needs to be started through a plugin in editor. As far as I know I can use take two different ways: Console Commands and Commandlets.

If I use Console Commands I can call the command in runtime and it works properly but I do not know how to execute them in editor time. I would also like to execute them in a remote way. For example, if I had one computer with the level open in editor, how could I send a Console Command from another computer? May UnrealFrontend be the solution? I am not certain about the proper way to do it.

Another good option is Commandlets. I would like to run the code I have in my editor plugin from a Commandlet so if I put the Commandlet files inside the plugin and I use the proper parameters to call it from command line I get an error saying “it seems a commandlet but class could not be found”. This very same Commandlet worked when I put the files inside Editor “Commandlets” folder where other Commandlets are found but, in that case, I have no access to plugin code.

I am quite stuck so it would be really nice if somebody knew anything about all this.

Thank you in advance.

The main purpose of console commands is for users to be able to enter and execute commands into a running program. Commandlets on the other hand are mainly meant to be executed from the command line, i.e. as part of batch files or automated processes.

Can you provide some more details about your use case and what exactly you are trying to accomplish?

Alright then, so, if we focus on commandlets I would like to know where should I put the commandlet code so that this code could call the code from my own plugin and/or what else should I do to be able to link my commandlet with my plugin as I do not know how to solve this dependency.

Thank you.

You can implement your commandlet in your plug-in. You can also have your commandlet in a separate module, and then have a third module that contains functionality that is shared by both the plugin and the commandlet.

Remember, a plug-in directory can contain multiple modules. It is OK for one module in this folder to link to another module in that folder. The only thing that is not OK is for some module outside of your plug-in’s folder to link to a module inside the plug-in’s folder.

I hope that makes sense.

i tried to add a commandlet to my editorModule and engine always failed to recognize it. for sure same going to happen for plugin.

Beides of that At 80% question related to commandlet remained unAnswered.
SO Can u plz provide an example of how to add commandlet to Editor Module or plugin?

Here i also have opened a thread :

still no answer.

Here, I put this together for you real quick: