Console command to show FPS in game?

Hi, what is the equivalent to “stat fps” in UE4?

And “stat game”?

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The commands are the same, they haven’t changed.

All the old stat command still work. Just tried both stat FPS and stat Game and everything is working. Maybe your doing something wrong when you input them.

Correct. I think the first time I use it did not work. Probably I did in the editor. Thanks!

You can also turn it on in editor mode, down arrow menu on screen -> Show FPS

I find ‘stat unit’ more helpful because it lets you see whether you are game/renderer/GPU bound.

Where is a list of all commands??

just start typing in the console. A list will appear.

You can make an “Event BeginPlay” and attach to it “Execute Console Command” and in the text area put “stat fps”.

You can also divide 1 by EventTick DeltaTime or divide 1 by GetWorldDeltaSeconds node. The result from this operation will be your current FPS and can be seen in a shipping build. This way you can create a benchmark level using Sequencer and get a couple of FPS values during simulation. Get a median from it and this will be your average FPS


Thanks i never realized :slight_smile: