Console Command Parameters

Not all of the parameters for the console command are showing in the list:

		void SetWorldTime(int hours, int minutes = 0, int seconds = 0);

shows as

SetWorldTime seconds[int32]

Is there some UFunction tag I need to add to make it show correctly?
NOTE: the command works as desired. I’m asking about how it’s displayed.

I don’t see any documentation about it. Perhaps it is an actual bug. How do you call it correctly? Like this?

SetWorldTime 12 30 59

that is correct.

I bet it’s a bonafide bug related to optional arguments. It appears that the code is counting how many required arguments there are, and then displaying that number of arguments starting from the last one.

Want to test it and see if my theory is correct? If it is, then making minutes required should give you SetWorldTime minutes[int32] seconds[int32] and making them all required would make it show correctly.

Did not work. I removed the default from minutes and from minutes and seconds; it did not change how it was listed. (It also required restarting the editor each time, WHICH IS NOT GOOD, EPIC)

If you’ve looked at the code behind it, is the displayed text stored somewhere (potentially requiring manual correction)?

Well dang. I have no idea where the code that parses the command for display is. I looked, but the closest I could find to a definition for UFUNCTION was this line in Engine/Source/Runtime/CoreUObject/Public/UObject/ObjectBase.h

#define UFUNCTION(...)