Console Command Generator

Like most others I have a hard time remembering all the various console commands. I often thought some sort of ‘Console Command Generator’ would be an excellent candidate for a web application.
Better yet why not make this part of Project Settings?

A global slider with quality vs performance at the top and all the various selection criteria underneath, ie Content Type (AA Game, ArchViz, Virtual Production etc), Target Platform, GI Type, Light Cast Shadow Type, Reflection Type, etc etc.

Followed by a ‘Create Commands’ button which populates your DefaultEngine.ini file with the necessary commands as well as spitting them out to the console for learning purposes.

It could be argued that all the information is already there under Help > Console Variables but studying that list to determine exactly what you need can be a little overwhelming not to mention time consuming. I’m suggesting some sort of interface that simplifies this process would be a HUGE time saver.