Console command "fullscreen" no longer working with 4.11.1?

My game used to use the console command “fullscreen” to toggle between windowed and fullscreen mode. This, however, doesn’t seem to work anymore!

I was just about to upload an updated version of my game when I discovered this bug.

Just found out what was happening. Because my Oculus DK2 is connected right now (powered off, though), my game still wants to use it. It doesn’t go split screen, but it does limit itself to the normal sized window that all other oculus content sizes itself to. I can get full screen working like it used to only if I completely unplug all my oculus hardware. This seems to be a serious bug as I don’t want to have to force my players to unplug their oculus gear just to play my game, and I don’t know where to completely disable VR support for it.

I’ve submitted this on AnswerHub as a bug report. Even my packaged (shipping) 4.11.1 builds will not go into full screen if the “Oculus VR Runtime Service” is running anywhere in the background. (Even if my Oculus hardware is not even plugged in.) I was able to reproduce this behavior even with a blank project.

If anyone else who has an Oculus is having trouble getting fullscreen working, run services.msc, find the “Oculus VR Runtime Service” and stop it. Restart your game, and you should be able to enter full screen again.