Console command for specific inventory?

I remeber there was a console command to add and remove weapons/pickups but cant remember how it was.

giveweapon (UTWeap_RocketLauncher) ???

Yeah,ive seen that one and a few others related to ut3 but it doesnt work.

GiveWeapon [UTWeap_RocketLauncher]
GiveWeapon [UTGame.UTWeap_RocketLauncher]
and a few other variations.

It shoud be simple as it just calls a utweapon class from the console.

Now this is strange.I activated the no default inventory in the world info so that i dont have any weapon.Than I typed

and it works.Link gun is spawned

If i do the same with the rocket launcher or shock rifle it doesnt work

I dont see anything special in the script between them that doesnt allow this.


I feel stupid.Epic shoudnt put parenthesis in the example as its not used…

I used the source inventory/weapon system and was a pain… I did my own and now I’m happy :slight_smile: