Consistently Inconsistent Child Actor Component Data Loss

Hi! I have a sad!

I use Child Actor Components fairly frequently for my player avatar customization system, and ever since 4.14, there have been some serious instances of data loss in their use. Right now, it tends to be a result of a child actor component just losing data at the top-level (like an actor with a Child Actor Component as a child will lose bits and pieces of data from the intended-assigned child actor).

This is mega hard to explain with any clarity, but here’s a screen shot (I had to delete and re-assign the top attachment, the bottom attachment is how I found it):

So it lost the StaticMeshComponent? Other than that, there is not difference, despite “Part” being hidden.

I think arbitrarily losing the main component data (the “part” data) and the static mesh is a fairly significant issue.

I’m not saying that it isn’t an issue.

I’m trying to understand what data gets lost. You yourself said:“This is mega hard to explain with any clarity”

In your image, Attachment One and Attachment Two differ in the missing “StaticMeshComponent”.

I can’t say anything about the “Part” Tab, as it’s simply not expanded in the lower half. It’s not visible to us,
if “Part” for Attachment Two has data or not.

So currently, for me visible, “only” the StaticMeshComponent of the StaticMeshActor is set to none.

Is this added by default or generated in the Code of the StaticMeshActor?
Did this happen in UE4.13 at any time (as you say it’s from 4.14)?

It might be worth actually going to the AnswerHUB BugReport section with this.

Ah, yeah, got ya. Problem is that it’s not a trivial problem to describe since so much custom data/structure is involved. But I was hoping there was a known/easy fix thing. But, yeah, off to AH I go.

Thanks. <3

A few version before, I had problems with my placed Actors, resetting there custom values.

I had “StreetNodes” in the Level, that had settings for how fast a car can go etc.
Also had the same issue with “LevelNodes” for a 3D menu.

At some point, the values I set, just reset to the BlueprintDefault.

Are you settings resetting in placed actors or in the Blueprint itself?

Placed actors/blueprints, it doesn’t seem to matter. It’s fairly random-seeming, but also common.

Shoop dee loop: