Consistency Between PIE and Packaged Builds

Hello Epic,

Wanted to start out by saying how much I enjoy using this engine. I’ve used a few other engines, and this one has blown them out of the water in getting something up and running. Blueprints are awesome, and I am a C++ coder, so that really sets it off for me :-).

My question is: are there are plans (or a procedure that I can follow) to make a packaged game run the same as it does in PIE? This has really walled me up at the moment, it is hard to move forward, because this is a really important part of my game (at least it was quick and easy to get to this point :-)). After scrolling over the threads, and talking to a few other users, it seems like a lot of people are getting some really strange results when trying to test a packaged build.

Anyways, happy holidays, thanks for making such a great tool.