Considering Unreal as a Unity Developer - Questions on stability, marketplace quality and support.

Hello All,

So I have been a Unity Developer for several years now. Over the past couple of years, Unity has become more “confusing” to me. Now with Unity 2017, 2018, 2019 along with their long term support, the new scriptable render pipelines, DOTS, shader graphs, as of the latest 2019.3 a new UI, etc. Its been choppy waters for me in Unity. It has also been challenging porting projects to these newer technologies. In addition, I have spent hundreds of dollars on assets that either break with new versions of Unity or have been completely abandoned by the developers. I always find myself taking several steps back in my project.

I am sure this has been asked before: What is your experience with the quality and support of assets in the marketplace? Adapting the assets to newer versions of Unreal? Do you find that with each iteration of Unreal, the release is stable? how is backward compatibility? are there significant technology changes which require having to learn a new technology and then those changes may make your purchased content unusable?

Any incite/experience you can provide would be great.


Thank you Ming Ning for your thoughts. This is helpful.

It honestly depends on the size and skill of your team more than anything else. Software engineering know-how requirements are an order of magnitude larger than with unity.

If the project is complex and you don’t have the required skill level then your journey will be filled with slamming your head against a brick wall.

You are going to have to break down into c++ eventually and this is where you will experience shock. You have to buy a third party intellisense solution like Visual Assist. Then you have to learn the entire gameplay framework, the macros, etc etc. Tons of errors and googling await you.