considering looking for a team not sure

Hi guys im new around here.

Im looking to form a team I have an idea ,concept art and a rough prototype of what I want to build.

Heres the problem im only an amateur I dont do this for a living unlike some of the other people on the forums and I also dont have any major titles under my belt.

So I could I still post despite the fact im not a professional or will I have to let my project die.

Because im looking for people to work with as I cant do this alone.

Very few of us are professionals. We’re all here to help.

To be honest, if you are just “the ideas guy”, you won’t get any interest from anyone. You need to prove yourself by being your hands dirty worth either the Unreal Engine or an artist portfolio. Everyone already has their idea for a perfect game. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the double post

I have a prototype but it isnt as flashy as some others ive seen

pfft do not care, post anything you have to get the attention you want. Sometimes cool stuff is coming out of underrated and even childish pencilsketches.
But! You have to get rid of the “not sure” part.
Nothing sucks more for me to invest massive time in a halfway up died project, for the x time.

Hey, I’m also looking for a team to work with. I’m a programmer who’s new to Unreal, but have very good experience in Unity and programming in general.

I would love to make an Unreal game for PC that sees the light :).

Stick the prototype in the Work in progress forum, so people can see what you have under your belt. Or you could try the Got skills? Looking for talent sub-forums, to see if there is anyone who wants to join you.