Consider UE4 Direct Download


I would like you to consider letting us download UE4 directly and not over your steam-like launcher app.
Sinse 2 days i am trying to download the engine and i cant due to many reasons:

1- A known problem trying to log in , After many many attempts and adding “Http=wininet” to the exe, If finally let me log in,but it must be said that it still log in when it wants. My internet is ok but it keep trying, so i close it,open it and repeat till it log in.

2- Your app take my whole internet, just to tell me there is a problem with the connection, when its not. Other times it fired my conection,… always only when trying to download UE4.

3- It starts downloading and after a minute it stops, i check my internet and from my side no problem but it wont download.

-Sinse 2 days i am trying to download it and am stuck at 35% due to the mentioned reasons, I am well aware that others have successfully download it and so have i in the past too, althought the problems to sign in where always there,atleast for me.
I think a direct download (not a compile the source!) option would be the best for, as this issues,as i have read,happens often and its very fustrating letting it the night downloading,to find the next day it didnt and it wont.

Thank you.

Build from source?

How could be ensured you agree to the Epic EULA without the account/Launcher combo… ?

I think the reason they use the launcher is primarily the marketplace. It’s a way of advertising content and articles etc.

I have to say I hate the launcher too. Not that I’ve actually had any problems with it. I just think it’s a **** piece of software and I’d rather not use it.

The problem still there and am still not able to download it. (Thanks god i just want it to play around,to see my assets in an engine,atleast for now!)
When opening the launcher (after adding Wininet to Exe) it told me some projects need a path and if i want to fix it, i clicked yes and noted later the addition of the words Wininet to the exe were gone and btw,the 35% were gone too. Anyway,It still cant download.
My internet is not the problem,connection is there and when downloading i dont use the internet and it just cant be that everyday exactly when i try to download, i get conection problems when everything works fine.
btw,everytime i close the launcher and open it,it start downloading at 500kb,but drop down to zero withing a minute.everytime!

This is a joke.
I will try erasing everything and downloading the launcher again.

@Xuri, Indeed, it is a piece of ****,Atleast because it always give me troubles.
@Crierr, I avoid that as i have never done it,i just need an install like every normal thing on this planet.
@Kvoglar, You already got your asnwer,exactly like else do it, first agree or you cant install it.

Hey Portishead,

Sorry to hear about the troubles, that definitely sounds like a launcher bug. I would recommend searching this page to see if these errors have occurred to other people and if they have a solution. If not, there is an email address attached to the page for more assistance. Also, you may wish to check for bug reports regarding this.

Let me know if that helps at all.

Alternatively Epic could release physical DVDs with UE4 every now and then for folks who live outside of metro areas, until Fb/G/etc. get their Internet drones up to provide high speed Internet to remote areas. I am being serious.