Consider some of these terrain tools from Giant Squid's Abzu

Really impressive stuff, I’ve always found the lack of precision in landscape kind of leaving me wanting. Much prefer using meshes, I think this pipeline looks just awesome.

Non-destructive workflow something like that would be awesome.

Yep, Interesting how UE4 Landscapes break the workflow vs. everything else placed in the world…

Not that optimistic of much or anything new in coming in Landscapes anytime soon but who knows:…ut-big-changes

Maybe something like this Tool could help, or mid_gen’s procedural plug-in if work is still ongoing:…rain-converter…orld-generator

Matt’s GDC is really inspiring! I wish we had terrain height patches (that is what they did) by default in vanilla UE4.

If not I will probably write a plugin to have this fast terrain iteration workflow and texturing :slight_smile: