Conscious Mind - First Person Mystery/Horror by Moonville Entertainment

Conscious Mind - E3 2016 Reveal Teaser

Conscious Mind. The time has come. We are pleased to present our project’s latest reveal teaser. Using state-of-the-art technology such as Unreal Engine 4 and the Perception Neuron motion capture system, we will be able to let you immerse into a unqiue gaming experience.
Keep in mind that this is still work in progress and the footage does not represent the final game. We are currently working hard on Conscious Mind and will continue to do so.
This is just the beginning. Expect to see great things to come in the near future.
There is more to it than meets the eye. Prepare for a story of twisted minds and forget everything you think you know. This will be different…

High Res Screenshots

Genre: Mystery/Horror
Platform: PC
Release Date: TBA

Asset Creation Software:
Substance Painter
Quixel nDo

If you got any questions, feel free to ask.

  • Dennis :slight_smile:

Awesome!!! Keep up the good work guys! :slight_smile: good luck!

Thanks for your kind words.

After months of learning UE4 and other software, we feel confident about our workflow for asset creation and modular level design.
We’ll begin working on gameplay mechanics now.

Lets be honest… sigh

Your Video shows no atmosphere, this piano soundtrack that literally sounds at most generic destroys everything in one single strike.

Your nice logos, the good graphics, the organized and fitting imges and titles… all that wasted.
This Music literally takes out every good will.

Heres my advise since i think this is realy worth it:
Make a single gameplay video wich shows the raw game, sounddesign, graphics, gameplay and the story.

I advise you too take a look on SOMAs trailers… at most the gameplay one debut.

Thanks for your feedback.
We actually love this composition by Rachmaninov.

A trailer with gameplay with SFX will be the next thing we want to show.
More information about the story will follow later this year.

I really appreciate your post!

-Dennis :slight_smile: