Conneted projects, fail to copy from plugins, fail to upload to private after hlod, cpu 100%

CRITICAL. After moving a project to a new pc my old version has connected to the new one, if i try to archive or delete it, it does the same to the other version. How can i make this file its own seperate project? as stated in the title when trying to upload a private version after hlod it says failed to copy from filelocation plugins, i can also see the cpu going over 100% usage during this. Please help with this

I recon the default HLOD file gets corrupted so easy, any changes can mess it up.

Try making a new HLOD layer in the Content Browser, then delete your existing HLOD layer.
When the window pops up, replace all the HLOD references with the new HLOD layer.

In Build Menu
Build Landscape
Build HLODs

I have hit a spot in one project where I need to delete the HLOD layer from Content Browser and make a new one, every time I change something, just to get it to launch or upload.

I have made a new project out of an existing project…It was a while ago…I’ll see if I can remember the steps and post back…bit time poor atm