Connection between my Meshes leaks with Niagara Fluid Plugin

Hi there,

I’ve got a big problem, my static meshes are leaky when the Niagara fluid flows over them.
The MDF is nearly perfect, but I cant understand why they leak, especially on the edges where the connection between the two static meshes is. They are not merged together otherwise my MDF would be incorrect or is there a way to prevent this?

The Fluid didnt ignore the MDF of the meshes but it always flows also through them.
Is there a way to get rip of that, cause this only happens with my custom imported blender files and not with the quixel bridge stuff or the default shapes of unreal(cube).
Until now I didnt find the propertie which inffect this issue.

What exactly effects the flow of the fluid, the LOD, the UV, only the MDF, the Opacity of the material or something else?

Hope somebody can help me with this problem :slight_smile: