Connecting two Meshes, with Constraint Components for Simulation

The Constraint Component has a relative Coordinate. By Placing it to point 1 on the Actor with the Mesh with the Holes. I can make a constraint to the center of the hook (red).
But that is not the result i want.

What would be your best practice approach to connect the both Static Mesh Actor at point 1 and 2 ?

I need to do it at runtime AND simulate it.

Maybe creating a Skeleton Mesh with a single bone and two sockets ? I did a lot of tries and erros so Input from the very you, reading this :wink: , is much appreciated.

I dont find anything to creating sockets via Blueprints.

try sockets

line trace by channel in the results has the coordinates of the collision of the ray with the object, compare the coordinates of the collision with the coordinates of the slots of the object and select the closest

Thank you for your advice,

At the moment i use sockets to mark the position.
And reading it out with blueprints

at the moment i place both constraints on the hook that seems to produce the wanted result. It doesnt matter if i specify the socket, seems really only be there for skeletal meshes. Only the position of the component matters.