Connecting to session

I am not sure if this is the right place to asked but I am writing all my network functions in c++ and I did not see a section for network. Anyways, I am making a multiplayer game but have somewhat limited experience with multiplayer. I have everything working well, the only issue is that my current system runs like this:

  1. Somebody hosts a session
  2. 3 others join the session
    The issue is that after the first person joins the session, nobody else can join the session. The player joins but never makes it to the lobby, it only shows a black screen. I am attaching the C++ code, as well as my log files.

I believe that the issue is with the line that says LogOnlineSession: Warning: STEAM: Session (GameSession) already exists, can’t join twice

For more context, I am testing with 3 other friends off of Itch.IO but obviously using steamworks. One friend hosted, another friend joined and when I attempted to join all I got was a black screen and this log. Again, apologies for the terrible formatting and everything of this post, I am a total newbie on here. Thank you.;base64

I am getting closer to the solution I believe but now I have another issue. After I have one person join the session and there is the host and one client in the session, then another player is not able to even find the match.

I may be missing something here but in the OnJoinSessionCompleted() function you are using ClientTravel(Adress), but you never actually assign anything to the adress variable?

My apologies for being so late, I never seen this. I do assign it in a different area that is not pictured. Basically what is happening here is that the client has the same player num so that is why it says can’t join twice, I just don’t know how to fix it.