Connecting to a Socket Server

I posted this in the AnswerHub as well but I thought it couldn’t hurt to post it here as well.

I’ve done what reading I can in the documentation so far, and I believe I’m on the right track but perhaps someone can correct me.

I’m attempting to connect to a custom socket server rather than a dedicated server run by players.

From my understanding doing this would involve FSocket, ISocketSubsystem, and FInternetAddr.

So far I’ve attempted to compile the following.

FSocket *socket = ISocketSubsystem::Get()->CreateSocket(“default”, “default”, false);

Now I understand why this isn’t working, because ISocketSubsystem is an interface.

What class implements this interface?
How should I be using these classes?
Has anyone done anything like this yet, or attempted to?

Any direction would be greatly appreciated!

I responded to the AnswerHub thread. Please follow up there if you need further help, thanks!