Connecting multiple "on hit" nodes to a single "cast to" node

My blueprint currently looks like this:

Is there a way to connect both nodes to a SINGLE cast to + custom event?

You could do this:

or this:

To what @ClockworkOcean is getting at, when you notice you are performing the same logic, make a function/event of it. This prevents copy/paste problems where you end up changing the same code that was pasted throughout your blueprints. This also lets you call the function from other bps. It’s a good habit and keeps things flexible and tidy.

Yes, that is exactly the reason why I wanted to know this, to keep my code clean. I already know about custom events and I would definitely go with them if I had more than 2 on hit boxes.

However, in this case I wanted something simple and I absolutely love the first solution @ClockworkOcean provided! Thanks!