Connecting Epic account to github alway return cancelled

Hi eweryone! when i try to connect my account to github it is return with this url Epic Games and wont connection
How can i get source without connection? i am try use this flow Unreal Engine 4 on GitHub - Unreal Engine

Hi, I have the same problem…

I could connect my accounts of twitch, Xbox, Playstation Network and Nintendo Switch.
But I couldn’t connect github account…

same problem
changed account information git and now i can’t connect and return to working with the source code unreal engine

Same here. D: Except I don’t get any errors in my URL, I just get sent back to the same Connections page, and the “Connect” button stays Blue. I just wanted to connect my account so I could get my Engine Contributor badge. =\

Yeah, this is really unhelpful. There are a number of repositories - Shave And A Haircut especilly, which Epic made a big deal of aqcuiring and has NEVER updated - that support interface with Unreal Engine, but has been handicapped because most people can’t link GitHub to their accounts.

What’s going on?!

I can’t connect my github as well, it just says “Verifying” then “Redirecting” and then returns back to “Connections” menu

I tried to use “Contact Us” in related topic…-account-a3618
But they said that they are not working with such questions and I should contact Unreal Engine support instead, uh?

But isnt that what I did?