Connecting blueprints

When I go to connect blueprints I have created, after I drag them on the level, I have to select them in the scene outliner, go to the details panel, and in the “Default” options, select the other blueprint that the selected one talks to. For example, I have my coin blueprint and I have to set it to the scoreboard blueprint where it can find info it is referencing like this:


How do I do this when using the MyGame and MyHUD built in blueprints. As I don’t drag these onto the level, they don’t have the options above for me to select->go to default->choose the other blueprint which connects to it for functionality. Can someone tell me how to get this to work?


You probably just want your blueprints to call the other blueprints by casting to them and then pulling out whatever information you need. So the character overlaps the coin, the coin casts to the scoreboard and calls a function or pull a variable from that BP.

Thanks for the reply.

The issue I am running into is I want to add a custom event to the space bar (which is bound to “jump” in template fps blueprint). When I add this extra functionality (which looks like it should work) by writing a custom event in the MyCharacter pre-built blueprint, I can’t seem to get that event work to fire in another blueprint where that custom event is defined. Even if I create an object variable, name it the blueprint name, etc. I can even use the context sensitive dialogue in the graph and SEE my custom event - but it doesn’t fire when debugging.

I feel with with out connecting the blurprints as in my image above (the default dropdown) they aren’t seeing each other. There has to be something I am missing, either a button, or an concept?

any input appreciated!

Have you tried the other methods of blueprint communication?

And of course Cast.

The HUD can be accessed anywhere by doing this (you cast to your own HUD class):