Connecting actor class to Hud

GOT IT (see post replying to this below)

Hi all,

I have an actor class called “jewelScoreboard”. I want to have it connect to my HUD. In my HUD I have a custom event which will display the game over screen.

I have a variable of object type MyHUD_C in my “jewelScoreboard”, and this DOES let me access the custom event I wrote in MyHUD. Everything compiles, I just don’t get the custom event firing IN MyHUD.

I believe the problem is that I have am not able to go to my details panel (with “jewelScoreboard” selected) and select MyHUD. I seem to have to do this to make the connection from one blueprint to the next. I have done this for my other blueprints that communicate and had success, but I am not able to see (or search for) MyHUD. The fact that it says “None” is what I think the problem is:


So, with my “jewelScoreboard” actor class selected, how can I go through the details panel and tell ue4 to look to MyHUD for the custom event? I have tried dragging MyHUD from the content browser to the level, but it never shows up in the Scene Outliner. I have also made sure that in World Settings I have a default MyGame which shows me a HUD class of MyHUD.

I do NOT want to pass variables, so to the best of my knowledge this is not related to casting, just firing an event.

Thanks for reading,

GOT IT - I read some more documentation and had to put these 3 blocks between my final event it the containing blueprint (jewelScoreboard) and the call to the HUD custom event:


Can someone explain to me in laymens terms why for the HUD I have do do it a little differently than class to class blueprint communication? Isn’t the HUD considered a blueprint?