Connect to server with a different engine version

Hi, I’m UE4 newbie.

My coworker updates his editor from 4.17.1 to 4.17.2

After that, he cannot connect to the server built from 4.17.1

The Log says “Client connecting with invalid version.”

Is there a way to connect in the other version editor?

Everything is same, source code, binaries, blueprints but only the engine version is different

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after all, i found it

ue4 give us a network version overrider. and we can make it own custom version.

it can handle only in c++

look at the function “FNetworkVersion::GetLocalNetworkVersionOverride.BindUObject(…);”

in my case, i set the version as same as the subversion revision number.

uint32 UVersion::GetVersion()