Connect to second server


I wanted to know how I could connect a client with another server, beside the main game-server. My game should have a stats- and ranking and a chat system, wherefor I wanted to write own servers to avoid bandwidth-overflow on the mainserver.

I found this code snippet, that lets you connect to a server and send serialized Strings, but I don’t now how I would setup a second executable to listen to that port and receive those strings. I have to confess, I am a complete server/networking newbie.
Furthermore, FIPv4Adress and TSharedRef are not defined, also all the include files are not found. I added “Sockets” in the build.cs file, restartet VS and compiled multiple times, but this didn’t change anything.

You can use http requests to communicate with a webpage (easy way to do a online scoreboard).
You can also create a simple application in C#/c++/java and communicate with it through Sockets (from unreal).