Connect To MP Game from Rocket Editor

Is it possible to spawn a dedicated server, and connect to it from the editor? I noticed there was a “Play On” option, what exactly is that used for?

It seems like this is what I would be looking for, how do I use it?

Hi Christopher,

Right now it is not possible to use any networking with PIE (Play In Editor). You will need to launch a separate instance of UE4 to test multiplayer.

However, this is being worked on right now! I cannot give an ETA on when this will find its way into Rocket, but it is a high priority item. When this work is done you will be able to automatically spawn and connect to dedicated servers from PIE, or host listen servers from PIE and spawn client instances to connect. More info will come later.

I am very glad to hear this. This feature, along with being able to compile while the editor is open are two of the biggest features I was hoping for in UE4. Thanks for the response!

you can still work around them both for the time being.

network: just save your level and run 2 new instances of Rocket with command line arguments: both without the editor, one being the listen server, the other the connnecting client.

compile: just hit compile on the editor and test your stuff. when you finally quit the editor just remember to build your solution in VS. for big things like adding new vars or functions it doesn’t work though, as a recompile is still needed. but for tweaking function behavior, it’s good :slight_smile: