"Connect" points for a Room object

I’m trying to build a map creation system which uses Room objects with “connections” which act like snap points. Rooms can use these to obtain the offset from the local origin, rotation, and type of connection (for different types or sizes of doors).
The problem isn’t so hard code-wise, but I’m trying to set it up so that my blueprint guy can build these rooms in the editor. It all looks ok, except I’m not sure how to set up this connection object so that it’s visible as a child of the room object since it’s just a 3D vector with some metadata.
Any suggestions?

Quick update:
I had originally though that a USTRUCT would to the trick and built a struct with 4 TArray<FVector> properties which would act as buckets (East, West, North, South) for connection points.
Now I’m thinking that making connections either a full AActor or UActorComponent would work better. My thought is that the object could then be placed in the tree as children of the root object (Room).

Found the documentation I needed to build the objects in code: Components and Collision | Unreal Engine Documentation
Unfortunately, I can’t find any documentation or tutorial which discusses approaching this problem from the perspective of a coder developing features for a blueprinter or designer. This has kind of left me trying to figure out how I make these helper objects like the ArrowComponent visible when in the editor, but invisible during gameplay.
My current guess, which I’ll try implementing tonight, is encapsulating some of the constructor logic with the #if WITH_EDITOR preprocessor to prevent the construction/attachment of these helper objects.
Has anyone come across some example material on the subject?