Connect Mocap Project to Unreal

Hi everyone o/

I’m working with a mocap system called “Qualisys” ( )
And I would like to know if any of you already worked with this system, also if you know how to conect it to unreal and work with mocap in realtime.
I have already tryed in many ways but I can’t find much information about it.

The only instruction avaiable is this one:

"QTM Connect for Unreal
QTM Connect for Unreal is an Unreal plugin that supports streaming of 6DOF data between Qualisys Track Manager and Unreal.

Installation of the plugin
Copy the entire Qualisys plugin directory to C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.xx\Engine\Plugins.
Start Unreal and create a project.
The plugin should appear in the plugin window as “QTM Connect For Unreal”. Click Enable and restart Unreal to get it activated.
How to use the QualisysClient Actor object and QualisysRigidBody ActorComponent object
The QualisysClient object is available in the UE4 Modes panel. This object handles the data streaming between QTM and Unreal.
Drag and drop the QualisysClient object in the world.
Select the QualisysClient instance and edit it’s properties. (IP address of the machine running QTM, UdpPort to stream on (0 will use TCP streaming) and stream rate (StreamRate of 0 will stream as quick as possible).
Add a Qualisys RigidBody component to a object in the World Outliner pane.
Set the RigidBody name to the name of the RigidBody in QTM.
Play scene. It will automatically try and connect to QTM and receive 6DOF data.
Supported Unreal version(s)
If the plugin should be used in a unsupported Unreal version then put it in the Unreal project folder\Plugins and rebuild project. Use the appropriate packaged release for the Unreal project.

Unreal Engine 4.16
Unreal Engine 4.17
Unreal Engine 4.18
Supported Unreal Build Platforms
Windows 32bit
Windows 64bit"

What I did “differently” would be creating a child blueprint of QTMClient, which was added to the level (since I could not find how to do it directly).

Other than that, I followed everything to the letter using these configs for the client:

  • the IP was left as (since UE and QTM were running on the same machine);
  • the port used was 22222 (the one defined in QTM);
  • stream rate was left as 0;

As for the QualisysRigidBody, it was added to a simple cube and the name was set to what we found in QTM. For this name in particular, I tried both the “main body” name, as well as the names of the children (the little dots).

This was done initially using UE 4.18, but also on 4.20 (apparently we successfuly compiled the plugin to it after applying the required changes to the buid.cs files and one .cpp), but neither worked.

I’ve not heard of a pathway to connect UE4 directly to a mocap set up as you have found out the plugin would break with each new engine version as well would be rather limited as to purpose of intent.

The current pathway is via Live Link that connects MotionBuilder or Maya via what I assume is an FBX bridge

Whats the project?