Connect door logic to new type of door

I created the meshes for an automatic door and wired up the logic for it to work as an automatic door.
Q: How do I now connect it to the standard door logic dealing with authentication, etc. (admin, tribe, pin code, selection wheel, etc.)?

Or do I need to back up and create a subclass of a standard door and go from there?
Complete noob except for 3d modeling, sp please answer accordingly.


You best bet would be to create a child of the standard door, then go from there.

so where would the door animation be located and how would I override it?

Just a heads up, this tutorial Custom models for the Ark Dev Kit - Import Export - YouTube walks you through finding an animated object to model, attaching animations to custom objects, etc

Yeah, I’ve checked that out. Unfortunately, all it really covers is replacing the mesh, which I can already do. He mentions that he has custom animations for the item but does not explain how he attached them or how he was able to override the original animations. Last, things like the doors don’t appear to be structured like the weapons. Thanks ,though!

Sorry, thought that would help. I have edited many of the animations but I haven’t attached a custom one just yet. If I am able to find something out, I will let you know!

it would help if you could just point me to where the animation for the door lives…I can’t find it to save my life.