Conker's Bad Fur Day Menu Remake

Hey Guys!

We did this remake of the main menu from the video game Conker’s Bad Fur Day for one of our classes in school. This project helped us learn a lot about unreal and we hope you guys like it as mush as we did making it! For those who do not understand some of the words in this project it’s because we had to translate everything in french. If you guys have any comments or critics please share them!
Here is the name and the role of all the people who worked on this project:

Gabriel Bolduc-Dufour was the art director
Xarion Dorion was the technical artist
Jean-Sébastien Duplessis Jarry did the enviroment modelling
Camille Rail did the textures
And i was the character artist and animator

Here is the link of the final video:

Some screenshots:

Haha this is awesome

God this makes me wish they continued the series, this is really great! :smiley:

That is really awesome!

We were thinking the same thing while making the remake ahahah Thank you!

Thank you !

Thank you very much!