Coniferous Trees and Plants for Mobile

Coniferous Trees and Plants for Mobile

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“Coniferous Trees and plants for Mobile” is primarily target at mobile platforms and devices. It includes 105 models of conifers trees and other plants that will help you quickly create beautiful natural scenes on mobile devices and other platforms. Each tree has the variant of winter and summer.

The peculiarity of the content is excellent optimization and simple materials. Each tree contains of no more than 1600 triangles, while save a good view. All LODs were created and corrected manually, which gives a smooth transition between LODs while saving the view. In addition, all trees have billboards, including a top view. The content is fully compatible with static lighting, all models have good lightmaps (no errors).

There is a master instance that allows you to make changes to all materials at once, which saves you from manually switching of parameters in each instance material. All material parameters have descriptions and comments in two languages (Russian and English).


Question: How to make dynamic lighting for billboards?

Answer: You can use standard lighting for billboards, but this will increase the number of instructions in the material.
In order to use standard lighting, open the “MI_1MasterInstances” material and make the steps that are shown in the screenshot.
Next, in the properties of the billboard material, set the shader type to Two Sided Foliage. More in the screenshots.

Optimization information.

  • Shader Complexity

  • Extra low-poly with good visual quality

  • Quality switch and Feature level switch.

For additional optimization, the material uses the “Quality switch” and “Feature level switch” functions.
Quality switch will help to optimize the material depending on the quality.
On medium and low quality material, the material will be completely roughness, it will remove all reflections.
Also, at the low quality of the material, Normal will be fully turned off, which will save texture samples.
Feature level switch allows you to disable extra functions depending on the platform. Thus, subsurface scattering functions will be disabled on mobile devices because SSS is not supported by them.

  • Billboard materials

Billboard material uses Unlit shader. This gives a very low cost of performance for billboards and reduces the instructions in the material to 66. But you have to adjust the billboard lighting in the properties of the materials to match the lighting in the scene.

Additional optimization, useful materials.

  • LOD Distance

Use the “Foliage LOD Distance” and “Mesh LOD Distance” settings in the blueprint “BP_BillboardLighting” to set the LODs distance. (To see the effect you need to run the simulation mode or the game.)

  • Opacity Mask Clip Value.

Adjust the “Opacity Mask Clip Value” parameter in the main material.
A lower value will reduce the cost of transparency, but may degrade the visual quality.

  • Dithered LOD Transition.

You can turn off “Dithered LOD Transition” in the main material.
Turning off will make loading LODs less smooth, but it can increase overall performance.
Support for this parameter for mobile devices in new versions of UE4 is switched in the project settings.

Test results and minimum system requirements:

  • Tested Platform and configuration:

Android Mi Mix 2S
CPU: Snapdragon 845, 2.8 Ghz
GPU: Adreno 630
RAM: 8Gb

  • Test results:

Android Mi Mix 2S:
DemoMobile_Level, (512x512 m) landscape, 47510 instances (Static Light), Epic Quality, 2K resolution.
50-60 FPS Average fps: 55.
DemoMobile_Level, (512x512 m) landscape, 47510 instances (Static Light), Epic Quality, HD resolution.
Stable 60 FPS Average fps: 60.

Minimum system requirements for Android:

Minimum requirements are specified for the landscape (512x512 meters).
CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 4 cores, 2.2GHz. Similar or higher.
GPU: Adreno 530. Similar or higher.
RAM: 1.5Gb or higher.


can you do a quick demo thing so I can see what it looks like walking around by them? I am almost thinking they may be good enough for pc maybe, but its hard to tell from pics.

Can I use it in my commercial game?

How do you switch between mobile and PC versions of the trees?

I just bought your pack, it’s really nice. I want to use the mobile versions of the trees on PC, I like the way they look they will match the asthetic of our game, and the performace I assume will be better too. Whats the best way to use the mobile versions on PC? I have no idea how to switch between the PC and mobile versions of the trees.