Congratulations on 4.3 Epic!

Dear Epic,

The 4.3 release is truly impressive!

So many awesome new features!

I especially love the new static mesh editor, I’ve always always wanted to be able to make collision prims in UE4 itself!

So very nice!

And spline meshes! whoohoo!

and my favorite:

Compile times are even faster now in the C++ !


Congratulations on a truly impressive release Epic!



Agreed, and don’t forget the performance increase! I’m getting roughly 20fps more than ver 4.2!!!

And the editor only uses like 5% of the CPU and GPU if you turn real-time off and switch over to 3dsMax, Substance Painter/Designer, and Photoshop without a hitch! This makes it so much better for me, I can use all my programs at once now :slight_smile:

This really was an EPIC update (the change-log is massive! so many new things to try) so I second Rama in saying a big thank you for all of the hard work you have put into this update!

Oh wow!

That’s awesome!



I haven’t had a chance to update since 4.1. This update looks like a must have, so finally going to DL it tonight. So many good things. =)

I would also like to congratulate the whole team at Epic, this update was phenomenal.
I hope that the next focus on optimization and ux continue.

I agree with the performance assessment! I didn’t think I would see a performance increase as I have a relatively fast computer but I still saw a noticeable difference!

Yes this update was truly Epic :slight_smile:
And its even summer time, and peple are on vecation and so on.
Very impresive indeed. :slight_smile:

Keep up the Epic work, Epic! :stuck_out_tongue:

Id also like to congratulate the guys and girls at Epic for this amazing realese. Unreal Engine just hit a new era :smiley: