Congo - Released on Early Access

Hey guys,

Managed to get Congo out and released on Steam Early Access yesterday and wanted to share it with you guys!

"Stuck deep in the Congo jungle, you and your teammates are hunted by packs of demons lurking in the darkest areas. Light is your friend in this hostile environment. Scavenge equipment and utilize good teamwork to secure your route of escape in this top-down co-op horror game."

It’s taken us about 5 months from picking up UE4 to getting to this stage, with 3 developers - two programmers and one artist! It’s been a crazy good experience though and the majority of it is blueprinted. Would love to hear your thoughts on it / any questions!

Currently rocking on Steam for $9.99 / £6.99! If you’re interested in giving it a go, you can pick it up here:

But anyway, here’s the pictures and videos!:





Congo1 2014-11-13 13-40-00-74.jpg

Congo1 2014-11-13 13-42-20-75.jpg

Congo1 2014-11-13 13-46-40-73.jpg

Congratulations on the release … going to give this a look see when I get home from the office tonight. 8-}

Once again, congratulations on the release.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I have actually shown it to 2 colleagues and we are all going to play co-op tonight when we get home from work. 8-}

I think putting some fog/mist would make it much more realistic.

Good work!

Great work , it makes me think at Shadows ground I think;
thank you and good luck

Congratulations on the release. Love the jungle night-time atmosphere and lighting effects of the torches and flashlights!

Can i ask how did you get the co-op too work i’m working on a small project at the moment and would love to know how to do it in particular how to get two separate characters in.

@JRobertson93 : Don’t you just set the index on the getPlayerController object … I am sure I read that somewhere.

Get Player Controller - Returns the player controller at the specified player index.

Multiplayer (Local) Player Indexing
How does the player index on multiplayer?

Was something I was going to start working on this coming weekend … but I think this is the way you would do it. Don’t quote me on this though. 8-}