Confusion with using game modes?

Hey Guys! I’m new to unreal engine. I’m following a camera tutorial in my top down template. I’m a bit confused, here’s why :

Top down template already have a game mode named **MyGame **and with the tutorial i’m following along, I’ve created another game mode named **MyCameraMode **which controls my camera pawn blueprint named MyCamera.

The default game mode set inside the world settings is None. When I set this to MyCameraMode, MyCamera blueprint gets spawned at the player start location and the camera controls work fine.

But how can I spawn my player at the start location and be able to move both my camera and the player(Both blueprints).

Please Help. Thank You.

depends on what you want to achieve.
usually the pawn class will have both camera and character.
If you want to have 2 different blueprint, ie. camera does not necessary fixed on one character like RTS game, then you possess the camera pawn while using player controller to pass event to the character you want to control.
check my REClassicCamera post and project for how to setup something like that.

Ya it’s an RTS style camera. Now, how can I control the player, i.e., MyCharacter given in the top down template.

you have to rewire quite a few things, and check the post and project in my signature and/or go search for proxy control/RTS community project.

Can I do this by using a single controller that controls both the player and the camera?