Confusion on pawns and characters

Hello. I am tryin very hard to do one thing but nothing seems to work, with topdown template. I want my charcter to move the same way as pawns do. AMyPawnController uses MoveToLocation, which works exactly as i want (and it moves spawned pawns in the way i want them to move), but i cant make the character move that way (ignore navmesh). I want my main charcter to take the shortest path to the given XYZ, and even fall down if thats the shortest path instead of using navmesh and runnin around. I tried changing the default player controller to AMyPawnController but it results in game giving error “unable to spawn default controller”, on the other hand PlayerController does not know MoveToLocation function. Another solution is to make world without any “charcter” but only “pawns” and simply take control of one, but what should the default playercontroller be then? Thanks in advance