Confusion in publishing unreal game to appstore

Sorry for the repeptitive question guys, but there is contradictory information about publishing apps on appstore. I developed my game on windows, and its blueprint only. Already deployed on my iphone without any trouble. Already enrolled on developer program ($99 fee). So, do i need a mac to publish to appstore? Does itunes connect works on windows?


You need Mac in order to upload app to the AppStore.

gameDNA is right. The only reason you need a Mac, is to have the ‘Application Loader’. So, if you have a friend that has a macbook/ mac you can just borrow it a few hours (depends on your game size) to upload your game to the AppStore. There’s no need for xCode etc when uploading. Just the Application Loader.

Thanks a lot guys, i think that by the meantime i’ll borrow someone’s mac to upload the app. I’ll save for a mac mini for the future. :slight_smile:

if yo don’t have a mac you can use this (virtualbox).

Remember that it’s not legal solution…