Confusion About Positioning in UI Widget

Hi friends,

I’m doing a tutorial series and am at the part where the UI / HUD elements are being integrated, and am a little bit confused about how positioning works.

I have two text boxes, “Hunger” and “Stamina”, and have anchored them to top-left. However, when I set Position X and Position Y both to zero, Hunger goes in one place in the “negative zone,” and Stamina goes in another. Neither seems to be anchored to the top-left corner of the canvas. I’m setting text boxes on the opposite side (top-right) of the canvas, so would like alignment between them, but would love to know how I can have it so that the positioning is relative to the top-left corner for those two UI elements.


You don’t set them to 0,0. Just position them on the canvas in the correct place, and then click the anchor button :slight_smile:

@ClockworkOcean Thank you for the response! So there’s no way of using coordinates to position items? Is there an alternative to achieve consistency across the canvas? (IE: is there a graceful way to make sure that an item on the far-right is at the same height level as one on the far-left? Or is it typically just done by eye?)

Ah, something on far right same as something on far left, yes, just use the same height. But you can’t go for fixed coordinates on the whole because you just don’t know what size screen the user will have.

Gotta confess I’m not a widget aficionado really. But I think looking into scale boxes will help: