Confusing options for loading project on startup

Startup behaviour options is a bit confusing:

Under Edit → Editor Settings → Preferenes i can select whether to load “default level” or “simple level” (top image)

Under Edit → Editor Settings → Editor Settings for all projects i can select “Load most recently loaded project at startup” (bottom image).

This is confusing to me as it seems both options are contradicting…

This is what they mean:

Default Level - Loads the Default Level that you specified inside DefaultEngine.ini like this:


Simple Level - Loads the Simple Level (the one with red cube, silver knot and green sphere) that comes with Rocket.

Load Most Recent Project - Basically this means whether you want to see Project Browser upon starting Rocket. If you have this option disabled then you will see Project Browser upon starting Rocket. Otherwise Rocket will load the last project you worked on. Hope this clarifies.

I agree enabling both Default Map Startup and Simple Map Startup can be confusing. You can submit a new feature request based on this (ie. End-user should be able to select only any one of the options. Not both)

Should i do anything else or this thread can serve as my feature/usability issue ?

If not, how do i create one?

No no you should not continue posting on this thread for feature requests or issues. You should create new thread for each requests/issues because that is easier for developers to track.

You can create a new thread just like you created this one. Make the title something like uh…“[Request] Change Startup Options under Preferences”. :slight_smile: