Confused with github client and 4.0 to 4.1 migration

This github client is very confusing and I have no idea whats going on.

I switch to branch 4.1 with the switch branched button in top right but I notice it doesn’t create a 4.1 separate branch directory and its just using the same directory?

In any case I notice I can switch between branches really fast, no way this is actually changing files. Must be just a “view” feature?

What core item am I missing from this “git” workflow to successfully update to 4.1 from 4.0? Is it just the Github client UI is garbage and missing key functionality I need?

SVN I would just update and I would be good to go and I never used git before which is leaving me confused.

I don’t really use the GitHub application, but I did have it installed, and I just tested this. Changing branches from the dropdown in the top right corner of the UI does in fact change which branch you have checked out on disk. Toggling from 4.1 to 4.0 takes approximately 7 seconds on my machine (i7-2600k with the repository stored on an SSD).

One of Git’s biggest selling points is its agile handling of branches, which is enabled in large part by keeping a complete history of all revisions in each local copy of the repository. So unless I’m missing something, the answer is: it’s working just fine, and you just assumed something had to be wrong after dealing with Subversion’s laborious workflows for too long. :wink:

If you’re looking for a decent git client. We’ve been using for a couple weeks now and it seems pretty decent.

Thanks guys, helps clear it up. Amazed by the speed.