Confused over engine version numbers

I think I must be going daft, I’ve not used Unreal engine for 6 months and the last version I used was 4.5.1
so today I downloaded the latest launcher and it’s downloading 4.6.1 but there is a tab saying to try 4.12?
I checked on the site and 4.12 seems to be the latest version so my question is what gives? Why has the version number

The version numbers are increasing, its actually 4.12 as in (Four point Twelve).

EG 4.01(4.1) vs 4.10 (Four point Ten)

Barmy! Bonkers! (I had to add the bonkers as it wouldn’t let me post a one word reply. Also Barmy!)

12 > 6, it’s simple math…

I think he simply overlooked the missing period. It’s quite easy to get confused upon a quick glance - 4.12 vs 4.1.2.

Holy Goodness!
Four point Seventeen! I SEE IT NOW! Thank you all!
Been confused myself learning through the forums… thinking this whole time I was on Four point One point Seven like “what’d I miss here?”