confused on unreal engine marketplace payout.

so unreal engine will pay us if UE have due to us 100$

i got message said “UE Marketplace Revenue Statement”

is that mean i got the money ?

because i got around 16$ in payout report.

when i check my bank account, i didn’t get the money.

is that mean i have to wait the payout report to 100 $ and i get automatically the money ?

You get paid within 45 days if the amount owed is $100+. Otherwise IIRC you will be paid within the quarter. Payment usually follows a day after the revenue statement is posted if you fall under the requisite criteria.

i still dont get it.

What do you mean pay within the quarter.

He meant that if you dont reach $100 within an entire quarter (3 months) you will get whatever value they owe to you even if less than $100. I thought it was an entire year, not a quarter, but that might have changed.

Payment orders, specially international ones, may take a few business days to “drop”.

how many days ?

Yeah I have this confusion too… If my revenue statements from month A not reach minimum $100… Than in my next month of my revenue statements from month A and B show up?.. Or just from month B?