confused on how do sockets work?

hello, im trying to attach a cube actor to another cube actor like in lego…
bu im confused on where / how to setup the sockets…

see attached images…

this is blueprint i set up to test it…

these are the sockets i have set up to the cube

this is the result i wanted to happen

and also, what does
keep relative offset
keep world position
snap to target, keep world scale
snap to target, including scale


So, to answer the later questions first: Keep relative offset and keep world position both deal with where the “attached actor” snaps to–it won’t actually “snap” to the socket–it’ll just become linked to it, so they move together.

The other two deal with the scale of the attached actor. If it snaps to target, including scale, than if the target/parent is scaled to 200%, the attached actor will scale too. Otherwise, it will stay at whatever it currently is.

Experiment with those options on two actors already placed in the level, using level blueprints, and you can quickly see how they work.

As for your main problem…have you tried it with simpler socket names? I’m not sure if decimals and negative signs are valid characters or not in a “name” type variable (they might be…I don’t know).
Additionally, even if it did work, you can’t match socket to socket–it’ll attach the cube actor wherever it’s origin is…so if that’s in the center you might actually see situations where the cubes overlap halfway, even if it IS attaching to the correct socket.

OR, if your actor’s origin is actually the 0,0,0 corner already and you’re seeing problems, it might because it looks like the socket is rotated to point inward to the model–meaning it attaches cube2 and rotates it to perfectly overlap the existing cube. Try rotating all sockets outward, not inward

Attach to socket, attach your object origin ( 0,0 ) to socket location of the other object.

I think for what do you want to do you need a “Attach Socket To Socket” + snap to target, unfortunately that not exist you must implement

thank you for the explanation, you were right, the second cube was being attached to the socket, but because off the origin 0,0,0 it completely covers the first cube.
so it is inside the cube…
what i did was adujsted the socket location, and it works perfectly now… thank you :slight_smile: