Confused by Top Down Example Template (possible bug)

I’m checking out the Top Down Example Template and there are two things I’m confused about.

  1. There is a NavigationMeshBoundsVolume in the level and the shape of it (in the viewport) covers the whole map. However if you check the shape size, it is set to 200 x 200 x 200?!?! If you try changing one of these dimensions a little bit (i.e. change the X dimension to 201), then the whole shape snaps back to a small cube. It seems like some sort of bug in the template?

  2. There is a RecastNavigationMesh object in the level. Where does that come from? I’ve tried searching for it in my own project in order to add it to the level, but it doesn’t exist anywhere???


  1. this may be a bug where the size is reset to the default value, not exactly sure about that :confused:

  2. RecastNavigationMesh is the actual navmesh, which is generated from the NavMeshBoundsVolume, so this is not something you can place in your level by hand.

Hope that helps,

Hey Wilberolive!

  1. It has been scaled via Scale tool. If you try to setup shape size it will reset scale to 1. So basically what you see now is [200x200x200] volume scaled by some value.
  2. As far as I know it’s automatically added with navigation mesh volume and “attached” to it. Try to delete this volume and recast should be gone. Add Nav.mesh. volume and RecastNavMesh should be created automatically
  1. I thought maybe it had something to do with the scale tool as well, but I can’t reproduce it. I have been fiddling with the scale tool and adjusting the brush size in different orders to try and reproduce the problem, but it works perfect for me in my project. It is just in the top down template it doesn’t work right. The brush size is at 200x200x200 but the volume is way bigger than this. Makes me think it is bugged in just that template.

  2. OK, I understand now. I had another look at my World Outliner and you are right, it is in there, I just didn’t see it before as it was near the nav mesh volume in the world outliner list so thought I had to add it in somehow.

  1. I’ve filed a bug report over at answerhub about this now. I assume that is the correct place to report bugs?