confused about shadows

Hi there!
I am so confused about all the shadow parameters in a directional light. :-/
Basically, I want to control the sharpness of the shadow at close distance and want to control how far this sharp shadow is reaching to make sure details are still visible a few units further away.
The light is not moving, just rotating.

When I zoom in the editor in and out and really can see a transition fading in the shadow and detailed rocks become more blobbys.

So what is the workflow here? Any advice are welcome!

best regards! T

Hi Millionviews,

Take a look at this Wiki Guide I wrote a while back that should cover some of the basics of using the settings available for the directional light source.

When/if I get some decent amount of free time I need to go back and update this with a few more things, like Far Shadows though.

It is called “cascade shadow map” and you can see it under directional light detail panel.
It is basically shadow LOD which is optimized to reduce far shadow cost. What you saw is how it should work.
You can increase cascade number to 4 and tweak other parameters but you will not get sharp shadow at long distance as in close range.
There is another way to achieve your goal. You can use latest version and switching to “Distance Field Soft Shadow” will provide you better quality on far shadows and may even reduce the cost.
Here is the link to what you may want to check:

And also check the distance field AO section to learn how to set it to work.

Thnx! Very helpful indeed, I’ll take a look at that!

Thnx, that last part did indeed sound like the solution I am after, I took a quick look and noticed however that vertex offset and tess. is not supported. There also will be artifacts. Hopefully this get supported one day.