Confused about level creation

Hi guys .So i have my basic gameplay mechanics working nicely but want to build a basic level in which to tweak certain aspects .My trouble is that i am creating a game much like race the sun . And this game calls for an almost endless surface . I want to create a feeling that you can learn the layout and therefore get better and better at traversing each level. Hence i do not want procedural generated levels. My trouble is i quickly run out of space .And cannot use terrains as they are not close to big enough due to the speeds involved . Has anybody got any advice on how to approach my level designs.As i am quite frankly pulling my hair out

Looks like the Game Race Like the Sun uses Procedual Generation and level streaming as the game is extremely repetitive with its sequences… It just scrolls on and on.
but i can see the game drawing on the screen. Fog is used to blend the drawing…


I agree with tozan’s opinion. It is using level streaming and you will not get around the hard limit of Unreal’s max map size.

You have still various options to solve this problem:

  1. Use streaming levels aswell and stitch your level together as you seem fit. Keep a strong naming convention, so you know, which levels do what. Makes it easier to distinguish levels and put them together in the correct order. You construct the individual levels, so the design is up to you.

  2. Make your player object much smaller. Do that so many times, until your collisions and or physics start to cause problems. This will seem like the level is getting bigger, but the reality is your player object is getting smaller.

  3. Make your speed slower, but add particles and visual effects to give the impression that you are fast.

  4. Combine all of these methods above.

I hope this is helpful and good luck for you project!