Confused about collisions with static scene mesh

I have a player controlled mesh that needs to detect collisions with static objects in the scene.
However, it seems that I can only generate collision or overlap events with non-static objects such as physics actors.
I don’t want to make every wall and static piece of geometry in the scene a physics actor for obvious reasons…number one, these things are supposed to be immobile, and number two, for computational reasons. What am I missing?

Below is a more detailed example of my problem:

In my scene I have three static meshes:

  1. A wall, which should be immobile.
    Simulate physics: off
    Collision: Block all

  2. A ball, which can move around and be blocked by the wall.
    Simulate physics: on
    Collision: PhysicsActor

  3. A mesh attached to the player (not a physics object), that needs to generate a collision event when it hits anything in the scene, such as a wall or a ball.
    Simulate physics: off
    Collision: BlockAll except Pawn

I set “simulation generates hit events” on all three objects.

What happens?

The ball bounces against the wall (good), the player controlled mesh fires a hit event with the Ball (good), but does NOT fire a collision event when it hits the wall. Arg. How can I detect it?

You want overlap-all, not block-all. Your object is kinematic.

It’s likely the current optimization is that block-all, sim-physics-off, seems “static” and thus doesn’t test against other static objects.