Conflicting legal restrictions between EULAs of 3Ds Max and Unreal Engine?

Just wondering if anyone has come into any conflicts between the EULAs of 3Ds and Unreal Engine?

What would be the basis for your question?

I don’t see how that could happen when the tools are used as intended.
But if you want to know what a particular legal document might mean for your own situation, you’re going to have to pay a lawyer for his or her opinion.

I am am trying to find out if anyone has come across any legal conflicts in the EULAs of either program when they are used together?

No particular issue I am looking at but wondering about any licencing issues?

Really weird question… The only thing that comes to my mind is you’re restricted from using any assets you created in educational version of 3dsMax in commercial activities

Thank you. Why weird question?

Are EULAs even enforceable in most countries?