Configuring play rate of animation with curve

Hey guys, I have some animations from the marketplace and it occurred to me that it would be incredibly powerful and intuitive to be able to configure the play rate of an animation (or a second multiplier on top of the play rate) with a curve that defines the relative playrate of an animation over the life of that animation. I was surprised when I couldn’t find anything on this. I’d like to change my boss’ attack animation to be slower during the wind-up and faster during the slam.

This seems like something that people would want to do. Is it possible in UE4? If so, how?

If not, is there some other tool I could export the fbx to in order to make this change? (That would suck because I would have to make copies of animations for different uses rather than just configuring montages but I would still do it)

Thanks in advance!

It works just fine. You just have to be really careful not to set it to 0 if you intend for the animation to ever progress.

Within a state machine, Expose the PlayRate pin inside the animation or Blend and connect the GetCurveValue node.

As far as tools go, I think - don’t quote me on it - my blender add-on is currently still the only way for blender.