Configure a new buff ?

(I’m a beginner modder)

I’m asking myself if is this possible to create a new buff who can give u engram.

I already created a consumable item who unlock u few engrams.
But what i created is based on “Execute Console Command” (AdminCheat UnlockEngram "Blueprint/…/…)

So when the player consume the item. There is a lot of command who are launched in same time (i can’t add a “delay” in “Blueprint used” graph).

This make the player freeze his game.
It’s not perfect … ^^"

It’s why i’m asking myself if it’s possible to create a buff who can unlock engram

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Have a buff class get added by your consumable item, ‘Static Add Buff’ is the node you will want to use for that. Then on your buff event graph you can have it loop through with a delay and unlock the engrams. You will need to make a custom forloop macro that handles delays properly though.

[Civiliz'Ark] Use Consumable to Unlock Engram posted by Kyrzos | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4 Is there any way to bypass the login administrator rights

Yes, use the “ServerUnlockEngram” node instead of console command.

@ZenRowe Hmmm I think I understood half of what you told me ^^"

I need to use"Blueprint Used" part to launch a Buff . The Buff is present in “Event Graph” , beacause i can add a delay in an “Envent Graph”

And it’s this Buff who will launch multiple command with a delay.

Ok i understood this !

Now what i don’t understand it’s how ^^" . In this screen i can show you what i did.

You talked me about a “ForLoop” but i don’t know how to paramter this.
At worst i can add a delay just before every “execute console command”

And ofcourse the buff present int the “Event Graph” is not launched, beacause i also don’t know how to parameter “Static Add Buff”
The Buff is not launch
Finaly, i understood what you told me, but i don’t understand how to make what you told me