Configurator to website

I’m totaly novice on Unreal, i’ve just done a project of configurator product base, cause i will have demands of my clients.
Everything is ok, and works like i wanted.
But… When i export project the size of it is very high.
Note that in my try i use 3 poors meshes.
It’s too long to downlaoad, when i integrate it on my web site…

Sorry again, i’m noob, i’ve you got an issue ?
I can’t propose this for my clients.

Best regards

Sorry never worked with this tool. Most of the times textures are what uses the most memory in Unreal. So maybe look at the size and try to reduce them. You can do that in the editor without changing the actual size of the source texture:

Not sure if that option is available in earlier editor versions than 4.25. Instead look for the Mip levels. 0 is the original size 2048x2048. Mip level 1 is 1024x1024, Mip level 2 is 512x512 and so on.

So, 100-150 MB is too large of memory for your clients? or are the sizes actually KB, so approximately 90.5 KB for the file…etc? Textures don’t usually take up more than a few MB, and a few MB is if they’re high resolution, lots of effects / filters, etc.